When sleep does not bring you rest, does not regenerate and calm you, you can talk about insomnia.  You do not get enough sleep and that is why you often feel tired the next day.  Insomnia can be great suffering, disorganizes everyday life, can cause many diseases.  Or, it can be their effect.

The most common complaints are:  difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, waking up during the night and waking up too early in the morning.

Insomnia can be divided into:

  • Casual (transient) insomnia – lasts a few days and is usually associated with an acute stress reaction or with a distant journey with the change of time zones
  • Short-term insomnia – lasts from several days to three weeks.  It is a prolonged response to stress, bereavement or adjustment disorder or is an accompanying symptom of sudden somatic illness.
  • Chronic insomnia – lasts longer than three weeks.  Its most common causes are somatic and / or psychiatric disorders (for example anxiety disorders, affective disorders). This type of insomnia definitely requires medical intervention of a psychiatrist who specializes in treating sleep disorders.

Insomnia can and should be treated. Treatment of insomnia in our clinic in Warsaw runs two tracks.

While in the case of casual and short-term insomnia we can temporarily use hypnotic drugs, with chronic insomnia the use of hypnotics is not the proper way of treating it – although sleeping pills can be used as additional medication.

Non-pharmacological methods of insomnia treatment include: psychoeducation, information on the principles of sleep hygiene, stimulus control, restriction of sleep hours, relaxation techniques and cognitive psychotherapy.

Treatment of insomnia in our clinic in Warsaw is held under control of experienced physicians and psychotherapists. Doctors treating insomnia: Dariusz Maciej Myszka, Andrzej Wakarow, Piotr Januszko, Anna Zielinska-Mołdoch.  See: Specialists

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