Patients’ F.A.Q.

Why insomnia should be treated by psychiatrists, and not, for example, by a general practitioner?

Of course, a general physician can cure insomnia. However, he/she is not usually a specialist in this field, what can result in wrong diagnosis of the causes of occurring insomnia and, consequently, in inappropriate and ineffective treatment.  Insomnia, although many patients are reluctant to accept this fact, is the complaint most commonly associated with mental health problems.  It seems that the best choice to lead a diagnosis and possible treatment is a psychiatrist trained in a specialized clinic for sleep medicine.  Such specialists work in our Centre for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Insomnia.

I’m suffering from insomnia. Who should I choose as the first for a consultation?  A doctor or a psychotherapist?

First, choose a doctor. This is a doctor specializing in sleep medicine who is competent to determine what will be the best option for the patient.  The doctor will decide whether to implement drug therapy or psychotherapy, or alternatively refer the patient to a physician of another specialty (for example cardiologist).  Sometimes the doctor recommends pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy (usually short term one).  Each case is different.  Therefore, we invite you to consult a doctor in Centre for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Insomnia.

Do hypnotic drugs cause dependence?

There is no clear answer on this question.  In the treatment of insomnia, different medications are used. Medications typically hypnotic and anxiolytic from benzodiazepine group are the drugs of which you can become addicted.  However, antidepressants used to treat insomnia are not addictive.  Discuss this with your doctor during consultation in Centre for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Insomnia.  Tell him about your concerns.  The doctor, working with the patient, should conduct the treatment so as to avoid dependence on drugs.
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Patients’ F.A.Q.
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